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Christian Community Development
We believe that in order to change a neighborhood it is necessary to become a part of that neighborhood. We’ve moved our family into King Commons, (near Riverside) to do just that. This is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the nation, with one of the highest violent crime rates. Now, we are remodeling abandoned buildings to be used for ministry purposes and housing. We’ve taken abandoned lots, transforming them into beautiful community gardens and we’re now reaching out to neighbors to be involved in these gardens. We’re pressing forward to find more ways we can make this community a better place for those who reside here.


Street Outreach
We traverse the streets of downtown Indianapolis every Saturday night to serve our homeless friends. Each week, we provide food, clothing, hygiene products, blankets, and other essential items. We make every effort to use this outreach to build and develop relationships and trust with those living in the streets, in order to help get them plugged into other services available in the city. These services can provide the tools necessary to have a more stable life with permanent housing.


Counseling and Case Management
TDWM operates daily Tuesday through Saturday. Individuals are offered support through case-management and counseling by appointment (Biblical counseling, as well as housing and job-search assistance). We try to get individuals plugged into a variety of services available to them in the city including medical clinics, rehab programs, and eye & dental assistance. We help with ID and transportation for the homeless as well as providing employment opportunities, job training and housing. Every Friday at 12:00PM, we provide lunch followed by a practical, easy-to-understand study of the Bible. 

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