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Alternative Breaks

College students can join us as an alternative break for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter breaks and bring your group for a week, weekend, or day to work in one of the poorest neighborhoods in our state doing community development and outreach projects. Including social justice projects, homeless outreach, remodeling abandoned buildings to use for housing and transforming abandoned lots to use for urban community gardens.



$350 per person groups less than 10 people
$300 for groups of 10-15
$250 for groups of 15-20

*cost covers materials used in projects, lodging and most food. Call us for arrangements of groups over 20 or for trips lasting longer than a week.


Bring your group to join us for Community development projects or street outreach.

Community Development Building projects include remodeling abandoned buildings in the poorest neighborhood in our community for ministry use and transitional housing for homeless. Typical service time is Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 9am-3pm.

$65.00 per person covers materials and supplies.

Your group can join us for the weekend and work on both our community development projects, our street outreach programs, and community outreach events.

$150.00 per person covers the cost of your groups materials, food, lodging and TDWM shirt.

Learn about social justice issues as you combat these problems in our poorest neighborhoods. 

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